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Friesland Campina Ingredients is a global leader in dairy based ingredients and solutions, providing great nutrition and taste for a high quality of life.

For an athlete, a good overnight recovery is crucial. We understand that a slow release of amino acids during a long period, gives you the opportunity to launch concepts especially focused on Overnight Recovery.

Wake up to the possibilities of our overnight recovery protein range. It covers Excellion Casein Protein which gives a slow release of amino acids.
Micelate™ Prestige is our premium overnight recovery solution which offer you the opportunity to stand out of the crowd.

Overnight recovery

Excellion Casein Protein

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Premium overnight recovery

Micelate Prestige

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Nutritional expertise

Nutritional insight based on the latest scientific research can drive new protein innovation.

Application knowledge

There are many things to consider when using protein in an application, such as taste, mouthfeel, structure and shelf life.

Dairy protein know-how

Dairy protein is a unique protein and we have over 100 years of experience with it.