Stand out from the crowd

with premium overnight recovery

Premium overnight recovery solution to stand out from the crowd.

Micelate Prestige is a premium overnight-recovery solution. It allows athletes to maintain the process of muscle protein synthesis throughout the night.
We give you and your most ambitious consumer the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with Micelate Prestige.

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  • Micelate™ Prestige is a very pure micellar casein (casein: whey ratio 95:5)
  • Premium quality, cold-processed, derived from high-quality milk.
  • Native micellar structure comparable to that of fresh milk.
  • Ideal component for a variety of end-applications due to great stability, easy dispersion, low viscosity and superior emulsification characteristics.

Micelate™ Prestige: Long-lasting protein for a stronger you.

Together with our top universities and experts worldwide we discovered the benefits of Micelate Prestige for elite athletes.

Micelate Prestige is a premium overnight recovery solution

  • Micelate™ Prestige is a very pure micellar casein (casein: whey ratio 95:5).
  • Micellar casein has a slower digestion profile compared with other common dairy protein sources to boost muscle mass and strength.
  • Cold-temperature limited processing, native structure.
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Be inspired by Micelate™ Prestige.

This coconut chocolate protein shake utilizes Micelate Prestige.

Micelate Prestige is an excellent solution for your next innovation

  • Optimal functionality for powdered beverages
  • Great taste to encourage brand loyalty from your consumers
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Micelate™ Prestige comes with a premium service

At our innovation center in Wageningen, we have in-depth knowledge of the nutritional aspects of protein and specific benefits. We conduct clinical trials with top universities and experts worldwide.

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  • Giving you direct access to our nutritional experts
  • Offering application support and testing
  • And access to our partners on label advice

“My goal is to win Olympic Gold. Nutrition plays a key role in my preparation. When I am not fully recovered, I can immediately feel it in my next training session. I use whey protein in between training sessions and casein before going to sleep.”

Sjinkie KnegtShort track speedskater World Champion 2017

“I need top quality and great tasting proteins to build up my strength and recover fast. With the dairy proteins of FrieslandCampina DMV I have the perfect match. I have confidence in their expertise and reliable quality.”

Sjinkie KnegtShort track speedskater World Champion 2017